Cleveland Law Firm

Cleveland Law Firm

Being the former prosecutor, Attorney Joseph Patituce and Associates has a thorough expertise in exactly how the legal system when it comes to criminal offences functions .These important thoughts help the accused in acquiring the top hand in drug and criminal issues in more options than one.


The Cleveland Law Firm consists of a group of proficient criminal lawyers and former prosecutors , that have carved a niche for themselves , completely by determination and effort . This persistent interest has resulted in great achievement for most customers , so much that also the police and the opposite counsels look at our team as a basis of genuine criminal law.


If you have a drug charge enforced upon you , you have got to utilize the expert services of a good Cleveland criminal defense lawyer . Drug related crimes attract compulsory jail terms and addition of assets , depending on the gravity of the offense . Since the state has an endless number of authorities and government devices to battle against the accused , it is a lot more necessary to find a lawyer that can challenge equally aggressively on your behalf . This right choice , can make a difference between a prison term or complete aquital.



Can You Lose Your Financial Aid Over A Drug Charge?


Securing monetary help is usually a very difficult , long and hectic work for students studying in the high schools and university of Cleveland ,Ohio . What the students are not aware of is they are able to quickly lose this hard earned financing once they use prohibited drugs . For just about every student the government help is the essence of their educational career , as not only it supplements their university charges , but is a stepping stone to improve upcoming schooling.


Therefore if the query about whether a drug offense which has lead to conviction will have any kind of effect on receiving further monetary aid , the easy reply is -YES . Even though there are numerous aspects to be looked at , such as the severity of the crime committed and if it is a recurring crime or not , the bottom line is that your monetary eligibility could get suspended.


There are only a limited number of types of drug offenses which can lead to any effect to your not getting assistance .The primary factor to observe is this is just a temporary suspension and not an entire stoppage of additional financial help . Time plays a major role , in case you submit an application for renewal within the time allowed , you can most likely receive your eligibility . You can do this by finishing a federal approved rehabilitation system , or by agreeing to undertake 2 unannounced drug investigation.


The legal system is complicated and bewildering at the best of times . It is better to secure a great advocate to let you know about your choices and privileges . When you are in difficulty , the federal government will be of no help , yet our experienced staff of attorney Joseph Patituce will always be at your side to assist you with the legal process so as to protect your legal rights.